Thursday, December 29, 2016

Business Aviation Maintenance Program LEAPing Ahead

A maintenance and parts coverage initiative called the Legacy Engine Assurance Program (LEAP) has been launched to provide more affordable hourly engine coverage for operators of Honeywell TFE731 and Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-powered aircraft.
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LEAP is targeted at the JT15D-4, JT15D-5 and all variations of the TFE731-2, TFE731-3 and TFE731-5 engines, with more engines being added, says the Dallas, Texas-based LEAP company. Three programs are currently on offer providing comprehensive, proportional and catastrophic failure coverage.
The comprehensive program covers scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance, including life limited parts, LRUs, loaner engines, line maintenance and access to LEAP’s aircraft-on-ground assistance. The proportional plan covers the next overhaul on a 50% basis if the operator has already flown through 50% of the time prior to the next overhaul at the time of enrollment. The catastrophic failure coverage plan is limited to the failure of the engine prior to its next scheduled event and also includes unscheduled failure of LRUs.
“Over the last decade, airframe, engine and engine part values have dropped substantially; however, the traditional engine programs have actually increased in price,” says Sean Lynch, LEAP founder and president, who adds that the program takes advantage of substantial parts and services discounts now available.
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